Save Your Business Singapore - SME Turn Around Solutions
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As the global economy slides further into recession, we expect this slowdown to hit our local SMEs over the next two to three years. Is your business equipped to face this crisis? Or maybe it has already affected your business?

This meetup group aims to connect like-minded business owners who are facing critical business issues such as slow sales, low or negative earnings, cash flow problems, HR or IT issues, financing problems and more. We provide a platform for sharing your business problems and solutions. Preferably your business has a defined revenue stream and you are looking to become profitable and efficient. Otherwise, you are welcome to join and learn from the group as well.

Our meetups are moderated by JC, a business turn around legend with more than a decade of experience running businesses and in management consulting, backed by success cases of turning around businesses from being loss making into positive cash flow. Our co-moderator, Lee, is a chartered accountant with experience in accounting, audit and financial analysis.

If you are a business owner worried about, or already feeling the effects of the global slowdown, do join us for our meetups (free entry) and we hope to add value to everyone participating.

Note: Strictly for business owners. If you come with referral networking business or MLM agenda we would have to decline your attendance.